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Data Loggers

Data Logger

Your choice of data logger will depend on a number of factors, including sensor output, communication protocol and polling frequency.

  • The DL100 is a rugged data logger with low power consumption. It is ideally suited to remote and hostile environments. Data is stored in memory and transmitted via 3G/GPRS to a telemetry server at user-defined intervals. The DL100 accepts a variety of digital inputs, as well as multi-parameter SDI-12 sensors (up to 16 channels).
  • The DL1000 is a powerful yet cost-effective data logger capable of real-time data transmission. It accepts a wide range of digital and analogue sensor inputs and has an RS485 interface for up to 64 Modbus RTU channels (Master or Slave). It is not compatible with SDI-12 sensors. Data from the DL1000 can be transmitted wirelessly (3G, UHF or ZigBee) or exported locally via USB or Ethernet.
  • The DL2000 is a high-performance data logger suited to even the most demanding of applications. It supports all sensors in the 150 Series range and has superior data storage and communications functionality (real-time, wired and/or wireless).

All data loggers are pre-configured to meet the user’s requirements. They are supplied in an IP68-rated enclosure and with a power supply interface.

When submitting your 150 Series system for review, please specify which method of data transmission is preferred (e.g. 3G, UHF Radio Frequency, Zigbee Wireless, Modbus, USB, Ethernet). If this is not known, we would be happy to advise.

Any additional information you can provide about your Automatic Weather/Environmental Monitoring Station will help to guide us when creating your proposal (e.g. the distance between the sensors and the monitoring station). Please include this on the final page before submitting your request.

If no data logger is required, please leave the checkboxes empty.

For more information about the data loggers, please visit the individual product pages. If further assistance is required, do not hesitate to contact us.

Power Supplies

Power Supply

Our systems are built to give users complete flexibility. This includes the ability to install and run your 150 Series system in remote environments where there is no access to mains power. Please select one or more of the options. The Solar Panel and Wind Turbine are both supplied with a charge controller. Depending on your requirements, both are specially optimized to meet the demands of your system.

For more information about the power supplies, please visit the individual product pages. If further assistance is required, do not hesitate to contact us.



Munro Instruments supplies masts and tripods for a range of applications. If you have specific requirements, we also offer a bespoke design service. Please provide further details on the following page if this service is required.

If no mast is required, please leave the checkboxes empty.

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