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Ambient Air Monitoring System



  • Modular concept allows users to swap and change sensors as project requirements change.
  • Measures toxic & flammable gas, Particulate Matter (PM), meteorological and environmental parameters simultaneously
  • Networked solution can offer improved understanding of pollution zones compared to a fixed ambient air monitoring station..
  • Real time monitoring.
  • Sends out alarms and SMS to key stakeholders when environmental conditions breached.
  • Rapid assembly and dismantling.
  • Small size offers flexibility and new opportunity in site selection.
  • Considerably lower cost of purchase and ownership compared to a traditional fixed ambient air monitoring station.


The Ambient Air Monitoring System (AAMS) is the perfect combination of flexibility, measurement precision and price for all environmental monitoring needs.

The AAMS can measure a range of toxic and flammable gases, particulate matter, meteorological and environmental parameters simultaneously all within a small, discreet enclosure. These include:

  • Up to 8 toxic and flammable gases.
  • PM10, PM2.5, TSP particulate concentrations.
  • Up to 40 additional meteorological and environmental parameters in the local vicinity.

The modular concept of the AAMS means that you can easily change and refit sensors as your project requirements change. Users can configure the data acquisition system quickly or send in their requested changes to their dedicated technical support team who will prepare a new configuration file for the user.

Create your own network of AAMS to provide a more accurate picture of pollution and environmental patterns at your site of interest. Multiple units within a network reduce measurement uncertainty and provide more useful data than a singular fixed ambient air monitoring site.

The powerful data acquisition system built within the AAMS ensures that all critical measurements relevant to your project and regulations are measured and analysed in situ, ensuring rapid response when needed. User defined calculations and conditions can be easily set so that the system will alert key stakeholders when criterion has been breached.

Data can be accessed anywhere in the world with our cloud based analysis software “ClimateCloud” and you can add an unlimited number of sites to your network with unlimited downloads of data.


Methane (Flammable)

Hydrogen Sulphide

Nitrogen Oxide

Nitrogen Dioxide

Carbon Monoxide

Sulphur Dioxide