IM159 Handheld Anemometer


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Manufactured to British Meteorological Office specifications (ref.: 1096), this robust instrument is made from non-ferrous metal and calibrated in a wind tunnel for maximum accuracy. It is supplied in a convenient carrying case, which offers both protection and portability.

The IM159 Mechanical Handheld Anemometer gives instantaneous wind speed readings on an analogue scale. It can be calibrated in knots, metres per second or miles per hour.  Please specify which scale is required when ordering.

The IM159 is ideally suited for use as a contingency device in case of failure or unavailability of automated sensors. It complies with Civil Aviation Authority CAP437 regulations (Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas).

It contains no electronic parts and is safe to use in explosive zones.

A Calibration Certificate with test results can be supplied with this product. Please indicate if this is required at the point of order.

Note: To maintain accuracy of results, it is recommended that the IM159 is periodically returned to the manufacturer for servicing and calibration (see CAP437 chapter 6, section 4.6).

Wind Speed Range 0-60 knots, 0-60 mph or 0-30 m/s

Wind Speed Resolution 2 knots

Wind Speed Accuracy ±0.5 knots below 30 knots, ±1 knot above 30 knots

Start Threshold 2 knots

Dimensions 36 mm (Cup Diameter), 210 mm (Length), 52 mm (Axis to Outer Cup Edge)

Weight 450 g