L10 Portable Air Sampler - Rechargeable

L10 Battery Powered Portable Air Sampler – Rechargeable


The L10 Air Sampler uses a high-efficiency, sliding vane pump for pulsation-free airflow. It is designed to be easily dismantled for cleaning and maintenance.

The L10 is powered by rechargeable batteries.

How it Works

The main assembly of the L10 sampler comprises an integrated pump and motor unit. The prime air mover is a sliding vane rotary pump.  The motor is an induction type fitted with a permanent capacitor. The nominal flow rate is 5-10 l/min.

Protection against overload or stalling is provided by a resettable cut-out trip.  A separate fan fitted within the sampler casing cools the pump and motor.

Airflow rate is indicated by calibrated floating ball flow gauges.

The air inlets, which are protected by a gauze mesh, accept either a local 60 mm filter paper holder, an adapter for 47 mm filter paper or a hose adapter. If an extension hose is connected to the adapter, the actual sampling point can be located up to 3 metres from the pump.  This permits sampling at high or inaccessible locations.

Filter paper is not supplied with the sampler and must be bought separately.

Please Note: The L10 Portable Air Sampler is available to order in quantities of 10+ only. Please contact us for more information.

Flow Gauge 5 to 10 l/min

Flow Setting Needle Valve

Maximum Load Flow exceeds 7 l/min at 24.9 mbar

Operating Temperature 5 °C to 30 °C

Sliding Vane Pump 4 Vanes

Power Supply 7.2V NiCd Rechargeable

Run Time 8 to 10 hours from full charge

Charging Time 14 hours at 200 mA

Standard Filter Size 60mm diameter

Dimensions 200mm (H) X 152mm (W) X 114mm (D)

Weight 2.3 KG

Enclosure Mild Steel, Powder Coated