Soil Moisture, Temperature & Electrical Conductivity Probe

Soil Moisture, Temperature & Electrical Conductivity Sensor


This sensor serves three purposes:

  • To assess Electrical Conductivity (EC): This allows users to assess the EC response to salts and fertilisers in the soil.
  • To measure Volumetric Water Content (VWC): This is achieved through measurement of the dielectric constant of the soil
  • To measure Soil Temperature

Apparent Dielectric Permittivity (εa) Range 1 εa to 80 εa

Apparent Dielectric Permittivity (εa) Resolution 0.1 εa from 1-20, <0.75 εa from 20-80

Apparent Dielectric Permittivity (εa) Accuracy ±1 εa​ from 1-40; ±15% from 40-80

Soil Volumetric Water Content (VWC) Resolution 0.08% VWC from 0 to 50%VWC

Soil Volumetric Water Content (VWC) Accuracy ±3% VWC using Topp equation, ±2% VWC using medium specific calibration

Electrical Conductivity (EC) Range 0-23 dS/m (bulk)

Electrical Conductivity (EC) Resolution 0.01dS/m from 0 to 7 dS/m, 0.05 dS/m from 7 to 23.1dS/m

Electrical Conductivity (EC) Accuracy ±10% from 0-7 dS/m, user calibration required above 7 dS/m

Temperature Range -40 °C to +60 °C

Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C

Temperature Accuracy ±1 °C

Dimensions 10 cm X 3.2 cm X 0.7 cm

Cable Length Supplied with 5 m cable. Custom lengths available up to a maximum of 75 m

Measurement Time 150 ms

Output RS232 or SDI-12