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Wind Turbine


The Munro Wind Turbine provides a reliable and sustainable source of power. It is compatible with all 150 Series sensors, providing a total solution to the problem of remote weather monitoring. It is professional-grade and can be operated unsupervised in extreme climatic conditions. The body of the instrument is made of high-grade, corrosion- proof materials, and all mechanical components are integrated into sealed housings, completely shielded from dust, salt and humidity. The rotor blades, made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, have been optimised for maximum efficiency and minimum noise emission.

The electric power generated by the turbine can be used directly or to charge batteries. A charge regulator automatically diverts the turbine’s surplus power to the dump resistors when the batteries have reached maximum capacity. When fully charged, the turbine continues operating and provides usable power as soon as electric consumers are switched on. The state of change is indicated by an LED. The charge regulator is suitable for lead acid batteries, gel batteries and AGM batteries (not provided) and has temperature- compensated charging characteristics. If necessary, the maximum charging voltage can be adjusted to meet customer requirements. The charge regulator is completely sealed and effectively protected against the marine environment.

A stop-switch is fitted to shut down the wind generator when not in use. It disconnects the turbine from the battery and stops the rotor from spinning. A mast is also available.

The Munro Wind Turbine is designed for use with the 150 Series sensors. It is, nevertheless, suited to a broad range of applications, including traffic control systems, environmental monitoring stations, mountain shelters, campsites, country houses and sailing boats. It can also be used as a means of rural electrification in remote areas.

Nominal Power 350 W

Nominal Wind Speed 12.5 m/s

Cut-In Wind Speed 3.5 m/s

Cut-Off Wind Speed None

Rotor Diameter 1.20 m

Number of Blades 3

Blade Material CFK

Rotor Speed 500 - 1300 rpm

Generator Permanent Magnet

Nominal Voltage 12 VDC/24 VDC

Speed Regulation Rotor blade pitch

Power Regulation Rotor blade pitch

Brake Generator Short Circuit

Weight 11.5 KG

Rotor Thrust (Operation) 70 N

Rotor Thrust (Extreme Wind Speed) 220 N