personal wind monitoring

13th April 2017

Before installing a personal wind turbine, it is important to measure wind speed and direction in the proposed location. This will help you decide whether or not it would be economically viable to install the instrument in the chosen area. Many factors, such as where you are geographically based, could affect how much electricity a wind turbine will generate so it is important to use an anemometer to calculate the required wind data. A handheld anemometer is not adequate for this process as it only provides intermittent data, therefore an IM124 Cup Anemometer would be more suitable and this should be used in conjunction with a Wind Direction Vane, such as an IM145, so that wind direction can also be measured. The IM124 has three tapped holes on the bottom of its design, so that it can be mounted above the IM145 securely. As a combined item this is called an IM147 In-Line Cup Anemometer & Wind Direction Vane.

The IM147 should be fitted securely onto a mast, so that it can be at the same height as the proposed wind turbine. It can then be left unattended to measure wind speed and direction. The instrument is rugged and corrosion-resistant and this allows it to be fully operational in lightning-prone areas. The testing will need to take place for 12 months, to account for seasonal wind changes, so that a valid report can take place. The information is then transmitted to a data logger, such as a WindDAS, and this records the data and can also provide wind averages over a set period. The data can then be transferred to a hard-drive or USB for long-term storage. It is also recommended that you fit more than one unit onto a mast, so that wind shear and turbulence intensity can also be calculated. Before installing a mast you should contact your local authority, in order to check whether a formal application is required.

If you would like to receive further information about the IM147 In-Line Cup Anemometer & Wind Direction Vane, please get in touch via email ( or phone (+44 (0) 20 8551 7000).