All people and industries are affected by the weather in some way. It is both an ally and our greatest adversary. The task of meteorologists is to monitor, analyse and understand the behaviour of weather and climate. Only by doing so can we develop effective counter-strategies. Proper meteorological management can help businesses and individuals to save time and money, boost efficiency and promote safety. It also plays an essential role in the mitigation of the impacts of natural disasters.

Continuous monitoring of environmental phenomena is required not only for small-scale observations but also to assist in the creation of forecasts, climate models and early-warning systems. Different spatial and temporal resolutions must be considered in order to generate an accurate picture of local, regional and global weather systems. This, in turn, can help decision-makers overcome dangerous situations and ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

The collection and analysis of weather data can be carried out manually or, where sites are too remote or inconvenient for regular attendance, automatically. With over 150 years’ experience, Munro Instruments has achieved a reputation for excellence in providing instruments and systems to measure environmental phenomena. The company’s longevity has given it a unique insight into the needs and workings of the meteorological industry.

Our latest project, the Munro 150 Series, comprises a range of fully automated telemetric weather sensors. Users can freely select any number of sensors across all meteorological parameters to create their own bespoke weather station. It is suitable for all applications and can be deployed remotely in difficult-to-access areas. Data is exported to web-based software, where it can be viewed and analysed anywhere in the world. The sensors can be networked and configured remotely.