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Large Volume Air Sampler with Microprocessor Control


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The L60iF is a Large Volume Air Sampler with an integrated flow monitoring system.  Developed from the basic L60 Air Sampler, the L60iF incorporates microprocessor control and flow monitoring to provide additional functionality.

The L60iF is suitable for all applications — from brief samples (100 litres in 100 seconds) to long term monitoring (3000 m³ in 30 days). A supervisor can programme a sampling schedule that can be initiated on site at the push of a button.

The sample volume and run times are stored in memory for verification. Should a flow interruption occur, the unit will display and sound an alarm, record the event and stop sampling. When power is restored after an interruption the sample will resume the program if the event meets criteria specified by the supervisor.

The L60iF represents an unbeatable combination of price, quality and reliability. Many hundreds of these samplers are used in and around nuclear facilities throughout the world.  They are also well-suited to monitoring airborne asbestos. An L60iF will run continuously for more than a year with only filter changes required. Applications include perimeter monitoring, emergency response, stack emissions sampling, routine workplace measurements and re-assurance monitoring.

For information about how to configure your L60iF, view our instruction video below:


Nominal Flow Rate >60 l/min

Memory Volume to 9999 m³ , Time to 9999 hours, Last 250 Sampling Programmes

Display Vacuum Fluorescent

Flow Loss Alarm Audible & Visual

Accuracy Flow ±2.5%, Volume ±3%

Sliding Vane Pump 4 Vanes

Power Supply 110V 50Hz or 240V 50Hz

Motor Protection Overload cutout trip

Dimensions 175mm (H) X 290mm (W) X 310mm (D)

Weight 13.9 KG

Enclosure Steel, Powder Coated