L100 Large Volume Air Sampler

Large Volume Air Samplers

L60 and L100

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Air samples are taken to measure the concentration of harmful airborne contaminants. This is done for health-and-safety purposes, and to monitor compliance with industry regulations.

We manufacture two key types of Large Volume Air Sampler:

  • L60 Large Volume Air Sampler: Operates with a nominal air flow of 60 litres per minute.
  • L100 Large Volume Air Sampler: Operates with a nominal air flow of 100 litres per minute.

Each of these variants is available to work with either a 110V or 240V power supply.  Please specify which is required when requesting a quotation.

Older models, such as the L30 and L40vF, are available to order in larger quantities only. Please contact us for further details.

How it Works

The main assembly of each sampler comprises a pump and motor unit. The motor is an induction type fitted with a permanent capacitor.

Protection against overload or stalling is provided by a resettable cut-out trip.  A separate fan fitted within the sampler casing cools the pump and motor.

The sampling time can be measured using the inbuilt lapsed-time indicators. These also measure servicing intervals.  Airflow rate is indicated by calibrated floating ball flow gauges.

The air inlets, which are protected by a gauze mesh, accept either a local 60 mm filter paper holder, an adapter for 47 mm filter or a hose adapter. If an extension hose is connected to the adapter, the actual sampling point can be located up to 3 metres from the pump. This allows sampling in high or inaccessible locations.

A silencer is fitted in the exhaust airline.

Nominal Flow Rate L60 - 60 l/min; L100 - 100 l/min

Lapsed Time Indicator to 9999.99 hr

Flow Gauge L60 - 40-70 l/min; L100 - 70-100 l/min

Sliding Vane Pump 4 Vanes

Power Supply 110 V 50 Hz or 240 V 50 Hz

Motor Protection 1.6 A at 110 V 50 Hz or 800 mA at 240 V 50 Hz

Standard Filter Size 60 mm diameter

Dimensions 240 mm (H) X 175 mm (W) X 330 mm (D)

Weight L60 - 10 KG; L100 - 11.4 KG

Enclosure Mild Steel, Powder Coated