Renewable energy helps to enliven economies, increase productivity and save lives. As demand for electricity increases, so too has the need for energy security. In addition to its environmental impact, continued reliance on fossil fuels leaves economies exposed to price fluctuations and cross-border supply issues. Technological advances in the renewable sector have improved efficiency and reduced costs, helping to restore faith in the clear energy market.

Munro Instruments strongly supports advances in renewable energy and has made this sector a priority for the coming years. We have devised a number of specific measurement solutions for the solar and wind energy markets. Our extensive range of sensors can be used to conduct wind resource assessments and detailed studies into the PV product life cycle – from cell research, development and production to site prospecting and performance monitoring. These systems are designed to combine measurement precision with end-user simplicity. Once installed, sensor measurements are sent wirelessly to our web-based software. This allows users to access and analyse the data anywhere in the world. Power curves and other derived calculations, such as gusts and wind speed averages, can be configured to appear automatically, enabling operators to make quick, accurate and informed decisions.