Real-Time Air Monitor

In early January we will be adding a new product to our environmental range: the Particle Sense P600 real-time air monitor. This is software-compatible and will allow users to build their own network of air monitors across buildings and cities.

The P600 provides users with real-time data for both outdoor and indoor air quality, providing measurements for TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 particles. In operation the instrument can run off of either a mains or battery power supply. It can be also fitted to a lamppost box.

The P600 has its own web interface, software and mobile phone app. The user can view real-time measurements from any web browser or smart phone, making it ideal for remote air monitoring. An unlimited number of sensors can be configured to a single account, allowing users to build their own network of real-time air monitors – all viewable remotely. Furthermore, once the data from the air monitors is uploaded to the software it is permanently stored. The user then has infinite access to historic data, making it possible to access and analyse air quality data. All from the comfort of your own desk!

by Ashish Acharya

Product Launches (2015)

The focal point of 2014 – Munro’s 150th year – was the launch of our new telemetric wind speed and direction sensor, the IM147. This coincided with an extremely successful trip to Brussels for the 2014 World Meteorological Technology Expo. Here, it became evident that Munro maintains a strong and vital presence on the meteorological scene. We remain a bastion of British manufacturing, specialising in robust, time-tested weather equipment (much of which we helped to invent). We are, nevertheless, no less committed to the development of new products to innovate the ever-growing weather industry. From mid-2015, Munro will be unveiling its new range of 150-Series weather sensors. Designed for use in all sectors, the 150 Series will allow customers to ‘mix and match’ from a range of sensors, providing bespoke weather station functionality tailored exactly to customers’ needs and budget.

To our Environmental range we will be adding a number of real-time dust monitors (for use independently or as part of the 150 Series), as well as a new personal air monitor with smartphone capabilities. Taking our lead from customer feedback, we will also be upgrading our current range of time-weighted gravimetric samplers.

Last but certainly not least, 2015 will see the much-anticipated release of our digital pendulum tester, an unprecedented development in the study of skid resistance. With Bluetooth functionality, this will further streamline the process of data capture, eliminating the possibility of error and ensuring results are safely stored for future recall.

These are but a selection of the new developments taking place at Munro. As in 1864, the strength of the company lies in its extraordinary willingness to invent, design, remodel and improve. 2015 is set to be an extremely exciting year.

by Edmund Daley