Agricultural production is heavily reliant on inputs from the natural environment (e.g. sunlight and rainfall). Farmers must carefully plan their activities based on seasonal changes in the weather. This allows them to manage the growth and harvest of crops.

Onsite monitoring of weather and climate can assist in the implementation of enhancement strategies. Farmers can optimize processes (such as crop spraying, irrigation and care of livestock) and configure alarms to warn of high winds, low temperatures and heavy rainfall.

Fluctuations in the environmental conditions – as a result of climate change and other unforeseen weather events – can also have a catastrophic effect on productivity and livelihood. Accurate knowledge of the weather and climate is essential, as it helps inform long- and short-term decision-making.

Munro sensors enable the measurement of all relevant agrometeorological parameters. These include wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, rainfall, solar radiation, soil quality and water quality. Sensors can be deployed remotely without the need for mains power. Data is accessible using our online software. It is displayed in a clear, easy-to-understand format and can be used to derive additional calculations such as evapotranspiration and wind chill.